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As Diabatz 10" Vinyl
Crazy Psychos, First Degree 10" vinyl

Crazy Psychos, First Degree 10

  • This limited edition comes with a purple vinyl, lyrics on the inner sleeve, As Diabatz first album in CD format and a patch!

Coloured purple vinyl and limited edition!!! Comes with a patch and their first album as a free CD!

This all-girl Brazilian Psychobilly outfit doesn't need an introduction! The ladies sure know their Psycho-Rockabilly roots and still merge these influences in their typical old-school sound. Their newest EP "Crazy Psychos, First Degree" is now available on a limited 10" vinyl, inclusive a free patch and a free copy of their 2009 debut-CD "Riding Through The Devil's Hill". Did I mention the inner sleeve with lyrics? It's a nice exclusive package for a nice price!

Tracklist:  the 10” vinyl:

Side A: 

1. The Undead Girl 2. Goodbye Julie 3. Out Of Sight  

Side B:

1. Cannibal Girl (From Outer Space) 2. She Forgot How To Pray 3. Out Of Sight

 Format: Vinyl 10" (coloured) 


Ref: DBR20059

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