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Sick Sick Sinners
Hospital Hell (Vinyl and CD)

Hospital Hell (Vinyl and CD)

  • CD format - cool digipack !
  • Vinyl Hospital Hell 12" - Only 500 copies!

NEW SICK SICK SINNERS EP - 5 tracks + bonus! 


When the late Os Catalépticos decided to split in 2006, ex-members Vlad Urban and Mutant Cox were already rockin´ on a new project, this time with Cox on double bass and Vlad continued on guitar. The core of the Sick Sick Sinners was formed. In less than a year they were already playing in the US, where they were well received by a crazy crowd, who were fans of Os Catalépticos and wanted to hear this new project. Headlining at the Doll Hut in Anaheim and at the Glasshouse in Pomona, they conquered the east coast once more.

Their powerful and fierce sound reached the German label Crazy Love who released "Road of Sin" in 2008, a raw 13-track debut album. Not long after, the band set out to capitalise on the success of their first album and toured United States, Mexico, South America, Europe and Brazil.

After a couple of drummers came and went, Vlad and Cox headed back to the studio, this time they teamed up with Emiliano Ramirez on drums producing a (even more) solid, tight and powerful sounding record. The EP called Hospital Hell is a must if you are a fan of all types of the psychobilly spectrum. The intro to the title track captures fury in its most vital, untamed state. With great musicianship, Unfinished Business send shivers down your spine from the beginning to the end. The entire album is a great mix of fast slap-bass, tight drums and super cool guitar lines (which were actually played on a Gretsch). Diabolica Sed, with lyrics sang in Spanish and English, is a tribute to the beloved beer produced in their home city Curitiba. The native language, Portuguese, is heard on Cadillac Podrera, a cover song of one of the first psychobilly bands from Brazil (Ovos Presley).  Pot Belly Bill and the welcome bonus track The Hammer (cover versions of the Toy Dolls and Motörhead), confirm some of the band’s influences, which have forged their music.  This album is set to put the Sick Sick Sinners on the map. Their appeal extends well outside of the old-school psychobilly realm. It’s a fast and furious album played by talented musicians and will definitely leave you wanting more! (FreakCity Online Music Shop)

Release Date: June 2011
Format: CD (digipack) and Vinyl 12"


Ref: MD137

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