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Koffin Kats


In their second album, Detroit's Koffin Kats have succeeded in resurrecting the kind of music that can genuinely hold your attention for the entire span of 15 songs. Of course you may need to be able to appreciate the Koffin Kat's influences in order to appreciate the band themselves. If you find a hectic mix Elvis Presley, Misfits, Dick Dale and Nekromantix appealing, you'll love this sophomore effort from The Koffin Kats. What we have here is a professional album that encompasses strength and creativity. This record is a balls-out blast of raw power with flawless production and engineering. A phenomenal upright bass sound that showcases Vic Victor's capabilities when it comes to an upright's slap and bottom end. Guitar tones and riffs are freakin' amazing. The drums sound proud and full, pounding like a mallet. (


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