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P. Paul Fenech
The Disease

The Disease

The 'missing' P Paul Fenech solo album finally available again, and smartened up into digi-pack style casing too. Fenech's solo repertoire allows him to explore more diverse influences than the Pure Psychobilly of The Meteors, so along with the Psycho-stompin' Rock 'n' Roll sound that has become his trademark, you always get a few evil surprises... From the disturbingly mind-blowing opener "Under Control", Fenech invites you to share in the Rock 'n' Roll insanity that, together with his stunning guitar playing, has turned him into an icon of Rock 'n' Roll's darkside.


1. Under control

2. Don’t I

3. The demanding hand

4. Shit list

5. The disease

6. River

7. Fuck jazz

8. Hold on

9. Long time no see

10. Costa muerte

11. Home before dawn

12. I’m gone

Format: CD

Ref: RAUCD183

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