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The Legendary Kid Combo
Booze, Bucks, Death & Chicks

Booze, Bucks, Death & Chicks

The Legendary Kid Combo abuse and torture Country & Western/Hillbilly music - these 5 insane musicians play faster than any Country band or Rockabilly trio, labelling their mess of styles as COCK-A-BILLY. Get ready to start slumming through the ancient saloons and take in the Wild West atmosphere with alcoholic stories of drunken cowboys and evil women. The Legendary Kid Combo will throw you deep into their wild drunken stinky world... whisky and hookers included!

Track List:
- Dead City
- A Hole In The Bottle
- The Cock Is Going Mad
- Why Don't You Love Me?
- Silver River
- Titina
- Don't Stop The Rhythm
- Where I'll Go
- Rawhide
- Bring Me Your Daughter
- Too Much Whiskey Between You And Me
- Booze and Bucks


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