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The Cheaterslicks
Rev Up, Burn Out

Rev Up, Burn Out


This is the debut album of the Cheaterslicks. The band are 3 musicians based in the West of England, who play gritty Rockabilly, often with a Rockin' blues flavour. Rev Up, Burn Out is a fine album from 3 guys who know their stuff! (Western Star)

Track list:

1.   Hotrod King

2.   20 Days a Drunk (album version)

3.   I Just Can’t Win

4.   Rumble Of Thunder

5.   You’re Untrue

6.   Cry & Moan

7.   Gimme Just a Little Bit

8.   You’re Still Torturing Me

9.   Hard Working Man

10. Can’t Hardly Stand It 

11. Well Of Tears

12. Nobody’s Guy

13. Mother Truckers

14. Big Love Guarantee



Ref: WSRC046

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