Fifty Foot Combo – Ghent BXL (CD album)


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FIFTY FOOT COMBO holds ground! The band excists for 10 years now, and their music is more than ever fresh, hot and exciting . The new album” GHENT-BXL” will suprise in many ways .Rock&Roll, Surf, Garage, soul and exotica getting the edge…. All this recorded and produced by the hand of THEO VAN ROCK, who has previously proven his skills with a.o. Henry Rollins band, Peter Pan Speedrock,Urban Dance Sqaud, etc … FIFTY FOOT COMBO, delivers another album from an international level.Espect FFc’s legendary MONSTROPHONIC SOUND, brought to a new dimension.Raw and dirty , but also smooth and melodic at the same time.Grinding organ, deulling fuzed-out guitars! In the meantime, the band are preparing themselves to get their new material prepared for some serious stagemayhem. With a live-reputation( BBC says FFC, one of the best rockin’ bands live!!) who is one in a million, and a loyal fanbase all over Europe…..damage will be done from early April 2004 onwards….. FIFTY FOOT COMBO is not retro, FIFTY FOOT COMBO has no sensitive singer, FIFTY FOOT COMBO is sex, FIFTY FOOT COMBO IS ROCK’N’ROLL….no sweat.

The Snap-Fastener
L’Etoile Noir
Day Of The 100 Percenters
Ghent BXL
The Swinger
Cartridge Case
Breakdown 03
The Pulsor
Banana Split