Astro Zombies – Early Years 1996-2000 : First EP And First Album (CD album)


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“ASTRO ZOMBIES – The Early Years CD”

The Astro Zombies were formed in 1996 and are, without any doubt, one of the hardest working Psychobilly bands in France.

On this Early Years compilation, you will find their first (and only) 7”EP and their first long playing album “The Astro Zombies Are Coming”, recorded at P. Paul Fenech’s “In Heaven” studio and originally released on CD on the French Banana Juice label. Added to this rocking package are four unreleased tracks!

First EP:
1 The Mega Wave
2 Vampire
3 Cape Fear
4 R.I.P.

First Album:
5 The Astro Zombies Are Coming
6 The Devil On Arrival
7 Magnetic Man
8 Love You So
9 I’m Alright
10 I’ll Never Be Your Friend
11 Barcelona
12 Bertha Lou
13 No Other Girl
14 Manson Family
15 Suicide
16 The Usual Suspect

Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
17 Zombies Surfin’ Party
18 Pipeline
19 You’re My Sunshine