Coffin Nails – The Dead Don’t Get Older (CD album)


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Low down and dirty scoundrels the Coffin Nails are back to put the ‘psycho’ into ‘billy’ with blistering new album ‘The Dead Don’t Get Older’.  Veterans of the circuit, this anthem-packed LP is the band’s eighth studio drop and finds them kicking the lid off the death box once more.  YouTube favourite ‘Six Feet Under’ is the first track to claw its way to the light with its raucous singalong chorus and live favourite ‘Lady In Black’ is a grinding uptempo bomb. Proto-rockabilly Ernest Tubb has his ‘Drivin Nails In My Coffin’ vehicle transformed into a supercharged V8 hotrod of a track while ‘Fat Love’ proves the boys aren’t always grave men in it’s sensitive meditation on singer Humungus’ bedroom skills.  The album also finds the band reverting to their genre’s roots with a more powerful double-bass sound by Scott Milsom.

ROXXX…..extremely…..Sounds like dat gonna be da best Coffin Nails album so far…very focused on kickin ass but not forgettin da hooks n choruses and no f#)kin around…superb sound …REALLY. love what i heard so far… Koefte, Mad Sin

The new album samplers sounds GREAT. It reminds me alot about early Frenzy and Sharks….Kim, Nekromantix

1 Intro
2 Six Feet Under
3 Lady In Black
4 The Dead Don’t Get Older
5 Stop Dreaming
6 Graveyard Shift
7 3 Wise Monkeys
8 Fat Love
9 The Devil’s Got Me
10 Bring Out The Dead
11 Backstage Baby
12 Sounds Of The Underworld
13 Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin

Release date: 2009 (
Written by:  Lyrics: Scott Milsom (tracks 1 to 11) Stephen Clarke (track 12), Music: Milsom/Clarke (tracks 1 to 12), Jerry Irby (track 13)
Format: CD
Recorded/Produce by: Scott Milsom at the Dog House Music Studio in Bristol. Mixed By: Adam Whittaker