Hellbillys – Land Of Demons (CD album)


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Hellbillys is the most influential American psychobilly band, formed in 1989 in San Francisco.

Land Of Demons is the first Hellbillys LP.  It was released on Japan’s Planet Records and has been repressed on CD by Pure and Proud Records. This CD release includes bonus tracks, which were not included on the original vinyl LP release.


  1. Bucket O’ Blood
  2. Rock A Billy Rumble
  3. If Looks Could Kill
  4. Surf Zombies
  5. Baby Blue
  6. Fleshook
  7. I Wanna Ride
  8. Moto Psycho
  9. Drivin Wheels
  10. Jezebel
  11. Rockin’ In the Cemetary
  12. She’s Lookin Better By The Minute
  13. Nitro Ghouls
  14. Vampiro
  15. Livin’ In The City
  16. Insane
  17. Mad Daddy
  18. Dragstrip Girl


Release date: 2005 (repressed by P&P Records)

Format: CD