Hetten Des – Cowboys Con Cojones (CD album)


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HETTEN DES is a Belgian band with members who have already proved their skills in a lot of different bands like: The Ratmen, Sin Alley, Donkey Diesel, Big Bill and many others. This CD features 13 songs, 7 of them are self-penned ones. The others are covers by Johnny Cash, Danzig, Neil Diamond, Hank Williams Sr, Mike Ness and of course, Motorhead. This is a combination of Rockabilly and Country with a dose of powerful injected R’n’R and some punk influences. If you can make a combination of all these styles that ain’t boring and also creates a great response in all scenes…. Power-Country is born !!!!! And beware…..LINE-DANCING IS FORBIDDEN!!!!!

1. Big River
2. Hallelujah (Praise the Lord)
3. I.C.U.
4. Thirteen
5. Solitary Man
6. Drinkin’ About You (I Still Do)
7. The Devil In Miss Jones
8. Ace Of Spades
9. Y.I.C.U.R.A.B.
10. Alone & Forsaken
11. Going Home
12. Lost In Reflection
13. Highstreet Confidential (Picture of you on my mind)

Format: CD