The Rocker Covers – New Old Stock (CD Album)


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Release date: 21st October 2013.
Can you smell motor oil?  Holy hellfire!  It’s those grease-monkey rockabillies The Rocker Covers back with their sophomore album – New Old Stock.  If you caught their debut Revved Up then you’ll have some idea of what to expect of the LP.  If you didn’t – picture three skinny ‘rebels with a cause’ entering the world-famous Dog House Music Studio chop-shop with a number of very familiar tunes and emerging sweaty but triumphant some time later with said tunes rendered blistering fifties-jukebox style on an album couched in the analog warmth that comes with access to a vintage Revox tape machine.  Checkered flag!

The Rocker Covers came together in 2010 when Kris and Scott Milsom (of The Hawkmen and Coffin Nails) decided to play around with authentic sounding rockabilly versions of modern contemporary pop songs. Kris and Scott soon found their third member in drummer Ian, who they had previously worked with in another band. Initially Kris laughed at Scott’s idea to call the band ‘The Rocker Covers’ but the name fitted and it stuck!
The guys started working on dismantling and re-arranging some of the biggest chart-toppers and pop classics they could think of.
They hit the road, bringing their revved up revue to stages all over the UK, mainland Europe and even as far as South America, playing all places that would give them an audience. Anywhere from small pubs/clubs through to car shows, tattoo conventions and festivals, each time leaving their mark and having the crowds dancing, singing along and always wanting more.

Track listing:
1. 99 Red Balloons
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Back Of My Hand
4. Dreaming of You
5. Echo Beach
6. Last Nite
7. Forget You
8. Livin’ La Vida Loca
9. Happy Hour
10. You’re Beautiful
11. Pressure Drop
12. Livin’ On A Prayer
13. Take On Me

Format: CD

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