Various Artists – Punkabilly Shakes The World Vol.3 (CD album) (Copy)


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V/A Punkabilly Shakes The World Vol.3

Japan-based punk/ska/rockabilly label, Rude Runner Records, release of “Punkabilly Shakes The World Vol.3″, April, 2014.

1/THE SEWER RATS (Germany) “Window Shopping” 2/DICE FOR LIGHTS Feat.Yoshiya RADIOTS (Japan) “Ride On Flow” 3/HARD FALL HEARTS (USA) “Drive All Night” 4/BONSAI KITTEN (Germany) “Me, Myself & Why” 5/THE TRIGGERS (USA) “Lost Angeles Will Rise” 6/BANANE METALIK Feat. Ella (FRANCE) “Sexorcist” 7/THE ROCKET DOGZ (Czech) “Back In Traumaville” 8/AMERICAN PINUP (USA) “Storm Chaser” 9/RELENTLESS (Finland) “Dropouts” 10/THE KONBINIS (France) “Losing Game” 11/BEAT DEVILS (Russia) “Dead Boy” 12/KITTY IN A CASKET (Austria) “In Blood We Trust” 13/DEATH VALLEY (Australia) “Tonight We Sing” 14/KOFFIN KATS (USA) “It Happens Every Night” 15/THE SILVER SHINE (Hungary) “In The Middle Of Nowhere” 16/THE→CHINA WIFE MOTORS (Japan) “Walk” 17/BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE (Austria) “Radio Active” 18/THE HOWLERS (USA) “Theres A Place” 19/THE NEW GUARD (Germany) “The Gilded Gallows” 20/ROCKET OVERDRIVE (Sweden) “When Blue Skyes Turn Into Grey” 21/FLESH ROXON (Finland) “Back From Your Grave 22/AL & THE BLACK CATS (USA) “From Bad to Worse” 23/THE HELLFREAKS (Hungary) “Godless Girl’s Fun”

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