The Baboons – Back Scratch (CD album)


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The splendid debut album ‘Boogie Curse’ turned out to be a blessing for The Baboons. Before they knew it a thousand copies were sold to roots music lovers from all over Europe, triggering a second pressing and invitations from the renowned English festivals Rockabilly Rave, Rhythm Riot and Hotrod Hayride. At these international gatherings the band went down so well, they soon had gigs lined up from Hamburg to Barcelona. All this roadwork pays off on ‘Back Scratch’, adding more grease of their live sound to vinyl and cd. Boasting ten originals plus a few choice classics, such as ‘I Ain’t Got You’ from Billy Boy Arnold and ‘Everything I Do Is Wrong’ from Charlie Rich, this platter is a celebration of rhythm ‘n’ blues and rock & roll, surfing through skiffle, early country and soul to top it off. No monkey business, The Baboons have the drive and backbeat to boot.

01. Bungalow
02. All Set Fot the Weekend
03. I Fly With You
04. Poultry
05. Naked Girls
06. Can’t Let You Go
07. Only For Lovin’ You
08. I Ain’t Got You
09. Run Baby Run
10. Everything I Do Is Wrong
11. It’s Dark
12. Just A Little Love
13. Quicksand
14. Trouble Bar