The Baboons – Boogie Curse (CD album)


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The Baboons have been gigging around in the current line-up for a solid four years, sharing stages with legendary names like The Blasters and Bo Diddley. On their Belgian home turf they played numerous shows with the Seatsniffers. Like their fellow countrymen, this five-headed collective has a vast record collection which for the most part is older than the band members themselves. They tap into a wide range of roots music, from rhythm ‘n’ blues and early country to fifties rockabilly and more fine styles in the same vein.

Likewise their first full-length platter breathes the right vibe, laid down by producer Marc Thijs, whose earlier work includes Soulwax and blues veteran James Harman. It turned out to be a sound match in the studio. These gifted young bloods enjoy the skills, the gear, the sound and the songs to leave a lasting mark. The Baboons are in it for the long run, and with a blue-ribbon album like ‘Boogie Curse’ they’re off to a flying start record-wise.

1. Boogie Curse
2. Tic Tac
3. Drinking Gasoline
4. Rock Your Baby Right
5. Lawn Dogs
6. Number Nine
7. It Ain’t The Meat
8. Trip To Bandstand
9. Green River
10. Voodoo Girl
11. At Ease
12. Teasin’Girl