The Bad Detectives – B-Movie Beat (CD album)


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 Bringing All NEW THRILLS! Bigger! Smarter! Faster! Meaner! 
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your stereo … the monster demands a mate! (Western Star)

Track list:

  1. B-Movie Scientist
  2. Bubble Car
  3. Im In Love With The Mole Mans Girl
  4. Rang Up To Hang Up
  5. Who Cut Your Hair?
  6. Sacred And Profane
  7. Surf The Skies
  8. Muddy River
  9. Hubba Hubba
  10. Texarkana Moonlight
  11. Rattlesnake Oil
  12. Weymouth Flyer
  13. Motorcycle Speed Cop
  14. Ralph The Diving Pig
  15. 59 Pop
  16. Double Neck Guitar
  17. Teenagers From Outer Space